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Jim's performing career began at age seven; when he volunteered to step on stage and assist a magician in an amusement park sideshow. (See left, top - This photo was taken in the summer of 1976 at Busch Gardens in Virginia. Jim is the little kid on the left.) With this first taste of the spotlight, Jim knew exactly what he wanted to do...

After begging his mother to enroll him in a magic workshop, Jim began perfecting his skills. He performed a magic show for classmates when he was eight years old and was juggling before he reached Grade 4. In high school, Jim took up bicycle stunt riding and was touring professionally and winning competitions by age fifteen.

Jim left for college in 1987 and in-between classes and studying, he re-discovered his passion for juggling and the stage. While at school, he entertained audiences in auditoriums, sororities, and coffee houses with his unique skills and off-beat humor. Jim graduated from UMass, Amherst in 1991 and moved to Boston; where he toured elementary schools for a year with a theater troupe, teaching kids about nutrition and fitness.

In 1992, he began performing his own show, exclusively. Jim has since appeared on hundreds of stages throughout the United States and Canada and abroad in Europe, Asia and New Zealand.

Currently, (despite four years of college and a bachelor's degree), he is performing his comedy show at colleges, corporate events and festivals all over North America.

When not on stage or practicing, Jim spends a lot of time playing with his Macintosh, building web sites. In addition to his own sites, Jim is the founder, creator and administrator of the online community for international variety performers. His other, non-nerd hobbies include: playing with the dog, growing organic vegetables and getting through life without a "real" job.
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