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Family Comedy Entertainment
The ideal crowd for Jim is the family audience. The age differences give Jim lots of material to draw from. His show plays to both levels; as Jim says, "The kids like the physical comedy and the tricks, the adults like the sarcasm and the irony." The jokes are clean for the kids and clever for the parents. Kids and adults will find themselves laughing at Jim simultaneously... but they will each be laughing for different reasons.

Jim has performed at everything from private parties to Cub Scout banquets to community theaters and goes over well across the board. However, please keep in mind that Jim does have certain technical requirements to perform the best show possible.
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"The Jim Show's appeal is truly broad - earning laughs and awes from both children and adults - making it the perfect performance for our family event! Thank you, Jim for your enthusiasm, professionalism and good nature. Your presence truly added to the success of our event!"
Lori Gress , Director of Member Services, DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park

"The crowd absolutely loved your show! Your skills and sense of humor were a perfect blend for our event. Thanks for a fantastic performance."
Matthew C. Broderick, Derry, Londonderry, Timberlane United Way

"You've developed a major fan following in Wakefield -- RAVE reviews from lots and lots of people -- from 5 year olds to senior citizens to my 12 year old daughter (a truly tough critic!) Thank you so much for another wonderful series of performances!"
Nancy Bertrand, Director, Wakefield Midsummer Night Festival

"You bridge generation gaps with your show. I'm 50, husband 47, and son 13, and we all enjoyed your act. Along with the tremendous work involved in learning and perfecting your skills, your humor had me laughing so hard tears ran down my face, and for that, I thank you."
Kathy B., Audience member, Newport News, VA
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