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The Jim Show Theme Song
When Tom Bianchi approached me with the idea of a Jim Show theme song, I said, "How soon can we start?" That was in the summer of 2001. It took a while coordinating everything, but I am very excited with the result. You may need to save the mp3 files to your computer and play them from there if the links on the right act funny. Enjoy...

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Jim Show Jim - Tom's Demo

Thanks to the Band
Tom Bianchi
Master of the solo bass, comic lyricist, and all around cool guy, Tom was the driving force behind the 'Jim Show Jim' project. He wrote the lyrics and music, sang, played bass like no one else and coordinated the recording sessions. Thanks Tom!
Jason Gardner
Master of the minimal drum kit, recording engineer and street magician, Jason played drums and did backing vocals... then he put on his producer hat and mixed the song on his 8-track MiniDisc rig. Thanks, Jason!
Dawson Hill
High energy keyboardist and snappy dresser, Dawson was called in mid-way through the project to add marimba to the tune. He brought his giant keyboard with 500 different sounds. Luckily one of them was marimba. Thanks, Dawson!
Huxley Lawson
Precocious 5 year old and dedicated Jim Show fan, Huxley is the "Get down from there, Jim" voice. He did a great job... and it only took 5 takes and one chocolate donut bribe to get his part right. Thanks, Huxley!
Dave Locke
Mastering Engineer Dave Locke did a fine job making everything sound spiffy. And he did it with a Mac. Thanks, Dave!

Recording Photos
daw, jay, tom hux jay
dawson tom jay and tom

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