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Technical Specs
Show Summary: Self-contained, high-energy comedy performance with juggling, balancing, physical comedy, music, and audience participation. The show is totally captivating without the use of: profanity, adult humor, fire, knives, chainsaws, or live animals.
The Audience: Appropriate for all ages, appealing to all ages. The Jim Show has been well-received at street festivals, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, prep schools, colleges, night clubs, corporate events, and private parties. Jim has performed at more than one wedding. The Jim Show goes over best with an audience of between 50 and 500 people.
Length of Show: Usually 45-60 minutes, depending on the audience. (Adults can enjoy 60 minutes, kids can sit still for 45-50 minutes.) Available up to 60 minutes maximum. The show can be shortened to any length or broken up into two completely different 30 minute shows. Jim did a 1.5 minute version of his show on Good Morning America.
Space Required: Outdoors - Dry, level pavement or cement measuring 30 by 30 feet. About the size of half of a tennis court is ideal. (Jim prefers solid surfaces but can work on grass if the area is dry, level, and cut short.)

Indoors - Ceiling height of 12 feet or more is required for a full show. (10 foot ceiling = 40 minute show, 12 foot ceiling = 60 minute show.) Floor space or stage measuring 20 by 30 feet. A gymnasium is a great indoor location; high ceiling, good floor, and ample space.

(Generally speaking, the larger the space, the better the show, however, almost any space is workable.)
Sound System: For most shows, Jim uses his own battery-powered, portable microphone and music system. If you have a PA system already set up, Jim can plug his system into it. Jim's portable system can handle crowds of up to 1000 people outdoors and can fill a 500 seat theater with no problems.
Travel Radius: Though based in Boston, MA, Jim can travel anywhere by car or plane. He has performed all over Canada and the U.S. from coast to coast. He recently performed abroad in New Zealand. When flying, Jim needs to check two extra bags to bring his complete, 60 minute show.
Available For: Stage shows, concerts, MC work, street festivals, promotional events, customized corporate shows, commercials, trade shows, industrial videos, feature films, runway modeling, talk show hosting, or anywhere else comedy entertainment is needed.

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